Final Conference: Best Practices and Networking, Skopje 02-03.09.2015

Some of the YES Network projects funded by the European Union

RROMA Final Conference, Kratovo 26.08.2015

Promoting the Local Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning, Skopje 20.08.2015

Start Your Own Business training in Vinica, 24.07.2015

Work Meeting between Volunteers Center Skopje and Municipality of Kisela Voda, Skopje 16.07.2015

Local Development Agency Entrepreneurship in Practice, Struga, 02.07.2015

Konecanka women rural entrepreneurs, Municipality of Konce, 01.07.2015

High School Entrepreneurship Camp by Local Development Agency Struga, Ohrid 22-24.06.2015

RROMA seminar for young Roma researchers in Kratovo 07-08.06.2015

RROMA Info Meetings in Berovo, Kocani, Vinica, Kriva Palanka and Kratovo, 05-06.2015

Info Day: Open Call for Grants and Promotion of YES Network Action Plan, Skopje 15.04.2015

Third stakeholders' meeting of YES Network, Skopje 27.02.2015

Second stakeholders' meeting of YES Network, Strumica 30.01.2015

First stakeholders' meeting of YES Network, Skopje 15.12.2014

Capacity building workshops for CSOs

Promotional events for YES Network

Kick-off conference for YES Network at the EU Info Center, Skopje 11.09.2014