Invitation for a Consultation Meeting on the IPA 2 Civil Society Facility Call for Proposals

The EU Delegation invites participants to a consultation meeting to discuss priorities and other specifics for the coming Call for Proposals under the IPA 2 Civil Society Facility Programme. At this meeting, the participants will be also introduced to other possibilities for funding under the IPA Call for Proposals in the near future.  

All representatives of civil society organisations or other relevant stakeholders can take part in the event. The meeting will take place on Friday, 27 February at 11:00 hrs, at the EU InfoCentre (ground floor of EU Delegation building, St. Kiril and Metodij 52v).

In addition, any comments of general interest that your institution would like to make either during the meeting or by addressing the EUD in writing, are welcomed.

For your reference please find bellow useful links to:
the Synthesis of the Macedonian action document 2014-15 and CSF Guidelines for EU support to civil society in enlargement countries, 2014-2020.