Survey on use of mobile app in professional development of teachers, and in learning analytics for teacher education and policy implementation

Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation is a partner in the t-MAIL project [Teacher Mobile Application for Innovative Learning], co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. t-MAIL aims to develop a mobile app supporting primary school teachers in implementing classroom practices that stimulate students’ self-regulated learning. The mobile app will equally collect data on teacher learning, teaching practice, and student progress. These data could be analysed with the aim of personalising teacher training to teachers' individual needs, as well as for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of educational policies concerning self-regulated learning.

Giving this driving aim, it is vital to understand the needs, concerns, and expectations of all target groups: primary school teachers, teacher educators training primary school teachers, and policy stakeholders at national and school level (e.g. Ministries, school networks and administrators/boards). Therefore, the project launched a survey calling on the input of these target groups across Europe. The surveys should take about 10-10 minutes to fill out and will remain open and accessible until end of March. We greatly look forward to your input. This enhanced understanding and feedback will be key to making an app that works for all!

t-MAIL teacher survey
t-MAIL teacher educators survey
t-MAIL policy stakeholder survey - Ministries & networks
t-MAIL policy stakeholder survey - school boards