Information on business meet-ups scheduled in seven cities in Macedonia

The project team of ‘Why go abroad when you can stay in your own country and develop it’ invites all students, unemployed and employed citizens, current and potential entrepreneurs, governmental, civil society and academic representatives, to take part at the business meet-ups scheduled in 7 different cities in Macedonia: Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Stip, Ohrid, Struga and Strumica.

This project is implemented by CEFE Macedonia in partnership with the CSO FORUM 16 and the Center for sustainability and further education Bitola. The project activities started on the 1st of December 2014 and will end on the 31st of May 2015. This project was funded in part through a U.S. Embassy grant.
During the business meet-ups, videos on different topics and examples in the Macedonian economy will be presented:
  1. History of entrepreneurship in Macedonia, challenges, obstacles, and where do we stand today;
  2. The role of the Government in the support of entrepreneurs: what are the Government’s programmes for supporting and developing entrepreneurship, what measures have been implemented so far, success stories and examples from other countries with economies in transition and how they motivate entrepreneurs;
  3. Development of philanthropy in Macedonia, do we have philanthropists supporting entrepreneurs, examples;
  4. Intermediary organisations and their role in the support of entrepreneurship, how many entrepreneurs have been supported and through what means; young people and their interest in starting-up a business;
  5. The role of the educational institutions: do faculties and universities in Macedonia motivate students to have an entrepreneurial mind; research on developing an entrepreneurial spirit among students and skills they need to create a job for themselves, what is the gap between the market of work force and the skills students generate through the educational process;
  6. Access to finance: does the entrepreneurial potential in Macedonia attracts business angels; how many entrepreneurs have used the support of Seed-accelerators, how to further develop the sources of support for entrepreneurs?
The project videos have been created to portrait the Macedonian entrepreneurial history within the online course: “Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing entrepreneurship in transitioning economies“, that is been followed by 20.000 people worldwide. The project team produced these videos in the period between February and April 2015, with representatives from relevant sectors and institutions.
The meet-ups represent an excellent opportunity for participants to network, ask questions and get informed on entrepreneurship in Macedonia. These are the locations and the timing of the business meet-ups:
16.04.2015 – Ohrid – University of Information Science ‘St. Paul the Apostle’, starts at: 08:00 h.
16.04.2015 – Bitola – American Corner, starts at: 12:00 h.
20.04.2015 – Stip – American Corner, starts at: 13:00 h.
21.04.2015 – Strumica – Employment Service Agency of Macedonia, starts at: 12:00 h.
22.04.2015 – Struga – International University, starts at: 13:00 h.
23.04.2015 – Ohird – Faculty for Tourism, starts at: 12:00 h.
27.04.2015 – Bitola – Technical Faculty, starts at: 11:00 h.
28.04.2015 – Skopje – American College, starts at: 11:00 h.
28.04.2015 – Skopje – American Corner, starts at: 17:00 h.
29.04.2015 – Тetovo – Technology park at the SEE University - Stul, starts at: 14:00 h.
To apply for participation at the meet-up of your choice, fill in this electronic application form. Or contact us at 078 201 854;
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