The three awarded finalists of the YES Network Best Practice Competition 2015

The YES Network Best Practice Competition 2015 was announced on the 27th of July 2015, and a total of 12 applications from CSOs from all regions in the country were received and reviewed.

The applications evaluation committee announces the three awarded finalists, and each of them will receive a financial award for their submitted best practice in the amount of 61.500,00 denars.
These are the three awarded practices:
  1. Submitter: Euro Center Foundation – Sveti Nikole
Best practice: “Women entrepreneurship for a sustainable economic development – WE-SEE”
Short description: One of the main and joint challenges of the region in which the Foundation Euro Center sets its activities (Staro Nagoricane, Kratovo and Probistip) is the low level of entrepreneurial initiatives, especially among women and young people, alongside the lack of relevant measures to stimulate and support them. To identify the local needs and potentials for youth and women entrepreneurship and to direct local actions, the Foundation executed a comprehensive study with comparative analysis and recommendations for means of improvement of the aforementioned situation; within the “WE-SEE” project supported by the cross-border cooperation programme between Macedonia and Bulgaria.
  1. Submitter: CSO „EKOVITA“ – Negotino
Best practice: Green network
Short description: The “Green network” good practice is assisting young farmers to better resolve their manufacturing problems and comply with the standards set in EU agriculture, with the help of experts from the association “EKOVITA”, as well as other members of the network. The main goal of “Green Network” is the European farmer, and achieving it through manufacturing support and introducing good agriculture practices among young farmers.
  1. Submitter: Organisation of Women “CVET” – Krusevo
Best practice: Creative industry education
Short description: This practice was a result of the real needs of young women from Krusevo who were struck in the transitional period of the Macedonian economy by unemployment and the lack of working positions. Somewhere at the time, during the year of 1996, the Organisation of Women “CVET” began its work and one of the main topics tackled at the very start was finding means by women to help themselves in the transitional period.

The three best practices will be officially announced and awarded during the first day of the 2-day final conference of the YES Network project, titled “Best Practices and Networking”. The event will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2015, at the premises of Skopje Fair Congress Center.

The final conference will encompass past and current activities focused on youth entrepreneurship development, and participants will include representatives of the governmental and non-governmental sector, relevant institutions and civil society organisations, young entrepreneurs and young people.

More information on how to apply for participation at the final conference can be found on the following link.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network (YESNetwork project) is a project financed by the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Macedonia within the IPA Programme – Civil Society Facility (CSF) instrument 2012-2013, implemented by the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation (project coordinator), Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, National Center for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning (NCDIEL), Association of Employers Skopje and JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs' Organization of the European Union.