A Training for development of local capacities for creating youth politics

On the 23rd (Thursday) and the 24th (Friday) of June 2016, in Etno Selo in Kumanovo, starting at 10:30h in the morning, the 2-day training for building local capacities for creating youth policies was held as part of the project ‘Building local capacities for the creation of youth policies’, financed by the European Union. The project is implemented by the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation and the Euro Center Foundation, in cooperation with the municipalities of Caska, Probistip and Staro Nagoricane.

The main aim of the 2-day training was to build the capacities of youth organisations and the local authorities (the three municipalities), in order to ensure a high level of participation and open space for the development of youth policies on local level. The results of the training will contribute to achieving the mission of the project to strengthen cooperation between civil society organisations and local policy-makers, in order to define measures that contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of young people in the country. Future project activities will offer numerous other opportunities for civil society organisations and the municipal representatives.

The project ‘Building local capacities for the creation of youth policies’, funded by the European Union, started by determining the needs and problems that limit the economic independence of young people in the three municipalities (Municipality of Probistip, Municipality of Caska and Municipality of Staro Nagoricane) to define the starting point from which civil society organisations and youth policy-makers will direct mutual efforts to create appropriate policies and measures, which will also comply with the priorities of the National Youth Strategy 2016 – 2025.

Interested parties can find more information about the project on the following link:  http://www.yes-network.org/vest-statija/34169/gradenje-na-lokalni-kapaciteti-za-kreiranje-na-mladinski-politiki