Six grants awarded to civil society organisations for the creation of youth policies

A total of 19 civil society organisations applied their project proposals at the open call for grants to finance projects of civil society organisations for the creation of youth policies in 2016, within the project ‘Building local capacities for the creation of youth policies’, funded by the European Union, and implemented by YES Foundation and Foundation Euro Center.

Six local projects that will be financed through the project have been selected. Two draft measures will be implemented in each of the three target municipalities.
  Organisation Project title Action measure Municipality
1 Scout Unit ‘Dimitar Vlahov’ – Veles We create a better world 1. Stimulating youth participation Caska
2 School sports club ‘Petre Pop Arsov’ – Bogomila With sports to a better world 6.Improving the cultural life of young people Caska
3 Association of artists and craftsmen ‘ARTI KRAFT’ – Skopje Craftsmanship - an opportunity for economic empowerment of youth in rural areas 5. Support of (self) employment Staro Nagoricane
4 Association for Education ‘Youth for Youth’ – Staro Nagoricane Folklore closer to young people - continuing the tradition 6. Improving the cultural life of young people Staro Nagoricane
5 ZR ‘HANDMADE ART’ – Probistip Through the beauty of craftsmanship to integration 4. Social integration through the process of formal and informal education Probistip
6 Volunteers Centre Skopje Developing soft skills for long-term (self) employment 5. Support of (self) employment Probistip
The total fund to finance the aforementioned local projects is 18.000 euros.

The purpose of these activities is to support and strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations in the implementation of measures to create youth policies, and also to strengthen cooperation between civil society organisations and local policy-makers, in order to achieve the effect of improving the socio-economic situation of young people in the targeted municipalities.