National Conference: "Building a Culture of Coexistence"

"Building a culture of coexistence, cooperation between civil society organisations and the local authorities as a factor for developing the inter-ethnic dialogue"
18th of October 2016, Skopje Fair – Business Hall, Skopje
The conference will represent an open forum for dialogue between grantees, local authorities and other stakeholders working in the field of inter-ethnic relations. The grantees of the IPA Program for supporting civil society and media for year 2014, Priority 3: Promoting improved relations between communities. The main objective of the conference is to promote discussion, building synergy and raising the awareness for good practices in encouraging cooperation between communities.

Project stands will be set up by the 8 grantees at the conference venue, in order to present their work and the results from their project activities.
Work languages of the conference: Macedonian, Albanian and English.

9:30h to 10:00h – Registration of participants
10:00h to 10:30h – Introduction notes
  • Mr. Samuel Zbogar, Head of Delegation of the European Union;
  • A representative of the Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement – SIOFA;
  • Ms. Vesna Babic Petrovski, Director of the Agency for the Rights of Communities;
  • Mr. Aleksandar Filipovski, Project Coordinator, Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation.

10:30h to 11:30h – The state of multi-cultural policies and practices
Moderator: Ms. Monica Veljanoska, Project Coordinator, ADI Gostivar
  • Assessment of the progress in the implementation of local strategies and policies for the integration of ethnic minorities and inter-ethnic relations, Ms. Monica Veljanoska, Project Coordinator, Association for Democratic Initiatives, Gostivar;
  • Civil society and the Agency for the Rights of Communities, Ms. Sofia Graovac, AOPZ;
  • Multi-ethnic research study on youth entrepreneurship, Ms. Olivera Aritonoska, Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation.

11:30h to 12:00h Coffee break

12:00h to 13:30h – Panel 1: The social and cultural characteristics of the municipalities and the development of inter-ethnic relations
Moderator: Mr. Goce Bogoevski, Project Manager, COSV Prilep
  • Urban multi-ethnic municipality, Mr. Nevzat Bejta, Mayor of Gostivar
  • Rural multi-ethnic municipality, Mr. Mukrem Memedi, Mayor of Mavrovo-Rostuse,
  • Urban predominantly mono-ethnic municipality, Mr. Marjan Risteski, Mayor of Prilep (to be confirmed);
  • Rural predominantly mono-ethnic municipality, Mr. Sadullah Duraku, Mayor of Lipkovo;
  • Urban multi-ethnic municipality, Mr. Zijadin Sela, Mayor of Struga

13:30h to 14:30h – Lunch
14:30h to 15:30h – Panel 2: Civil society as a proactive stakeholder in supporting inter-ethnic co-existence
Moderator: Mrs. Diana Stojanovic Djordjevic, Project Manager, Foundation ‘Woman for Woman’, Skopje
  • The function of the Committees for Inter-Community Relations (KOMZ), Mrs. Violeta Petrovska, President of OZ Kumanovka;
  • Inclusion of minority communities, Mr. Mihail Gotovski, National Roma Centre, Kumanovo;
  • Multi-culturalism and inter-culturalism in the education process, Mr. Goran Taleski, Peace Action.

15:30h to 16:30h – Closing Session: recommendations and conclusions, Ms. Jasminka Popovska, Local Development Agency, Struga