An updated version of the Action Plan of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Network

In March 2015, the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Network has prepared its first long term Action Plan that contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial society in the country.

During the first year of the implementation of the Action Plan, it was established that the entrepreneurs from different ethnic backgrounds, to some extent, have a different approach to entrepreneurship and require different kinds of support for growth and development. These findings suggested the need to introduce specific programs that will contribute to the mitigation of the limiting factors for the development of entrepreneurship. At the same time, it is important to recognize the differences that exist between entrepreneurs from different ethnic minorities, and in some cases the generation gap within the same ethnic group, influences the specifics of their businesses compared to other small businesses. This diversity is reflected in the small businesses founded by various representatives of different ethnic groups, as well as in the strategies they use to manage them.

Precisely due to this fact that there are certain differences in entrepreneurial activity of members of different ethnic groups in Macedonia, YES Network has updated its Action Plan by introducing a new priority area, no. 4: "Stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship among young people from ethnic minorities". With the anticipated measures to actively promote entrepreneurship among the target groups, the Network aims to contribute to reducing the social marginalisation and improving of the living standard among young people from the ethnic minorities in Macedonia.

The new version of the Action Plan is available below.