Review of the project ‘Together for Success: young entrepreneurs, a driving force for good interethnic relations’

The Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation, together with the partner organisations Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, the Euro Center Foundation and the NGO Milenium initiated the implementation of the project ‘Together for Success: young entrepreneurs, a driving force for good inter-ethnic relations’.

The main objective of the project ‘Together for Success’ is to contribute to the development of multi-cultural democracy and stability in the country by enhancing the capacities of youth civil society organisations and young entrepreneurs from different ethnic groups. The strategic objective of the project is to promote entrepreneurship as a common perspective of young people and other relevant actors in the society. Through the planned activities for networking, strategic planning, raising awareness and supporting of local actions, the project will address the identified challenges and create conditions for utilising the potential of the target groups to promote inter-ethnic relations in the country.

The expected results of the project ‘Together for Success’ include:
  • A multi-ethnic study for youth entrepreneurship ( executed in order to research the needs for support, inter-ethnic networking, entrepreneurial motivation and attitudes and the capacity for representation of 100 young entrepreneurs from different ethnic groups;
  • Three multi-ethnic camps for youth entrepreneurship organised, at which 75 young entrepreneurs, 45 civil society organisations and representatives from 15 local government units, will have the opportunity to network and to upgrade their capacities;
  • Establishing a Council for inter-ethnic relations within Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network (YES Network) and updating its Action Plan according to the findings generated in the research study and the feedback from the entrepreneurship camps;
  • Creating and implementing a grant scheme to support local actions of civil society organisations, which will include at least 100 young entrepreneurs from different ethnic backgrounds, 18 civil society organisations and 9 municipalities;
  • Design and implementation of the promotional campaign ‘I'm an Entrepreneur, too’ followed by the organisation of 6 events for 180 participants, creating a documentary video and promotion of the results in front of 100 participants at the final conference of the project.

Project activities aim to:
  • Determine the entrepreneurial attitude and needs of young people from different ethnic backgrounds,
  • Improve inter-ethnic relations through networking at various levels,
  • Increasing the capacity for entrepreneurial actions, advocacy and overall consciousness and action in society,
  • Strengthening the capacities of youth civil society organisations in the field of multi-ethnic cooperation and support of entrepreneurship,
  • Reduce prejudices among different ethnic groups by promoting youth entrepreneurship.
The realisation of the project specific goals will enable the introduction of a multi-ethnic dimension to the network of youth civil society organisations, increase the communication between young entrepreneurs, promotion of the support and opportunities for continuous learning, and encourage young people to jointly represent their needs related to (self) employment. As a result, it will allow promoting multi-ethnic cooperation through a relevant and neutral topic, and that is the youth entrepreneurship.

This project is financed by the European Union. 

The project is implemented by.