Announced call for participation at the Skopje Kreativa festival 2017

"Skopje Kreativa" is a festival for the development of creative industries in Macedonia. The purpose of the festival is to continuously strive to motivate, inspire, bring together and promote links among the designers, the artists and the representatives of the business and entrepreneurial community in Macedonia, hoping for a successful amalgam of potential mutual cooperation that will develop creative industries in Macedonia via inspiring joint projects, inventive and innovative prototypes with a capacity for social development and finally stimulate a healthy economic impact in the local community and beyond.
Festival "Skopje Kreativa" offers an opportunity to the audience to meet with different designs and projects proposals, as well as implementation of various prototypes in the field of creative industries, through different and creative media intersections, which represent an inspiring blend of the artistic and cultural creation with creative side of the industry. The potential is large, it takes for continuous, solid and thoroughly integrated collaborations to help build and realise a true impact in the local community and in the world.
The public institution Congress Center "Alexander the Great", based on its annual work program for the year 2017, has published an open call for support and promotion of project proposals for the implementation of the Programme for development of creative industries Skopje Kreativa 2017 – Create! Co-create. The call is opened until the 24th of February 2017.
"Skopje Kreativa" announces that eligible participants include legal entities registered for activities in the field of culture and individuals operating within the following areas: design (product, graphic, fashion design ...); architecture / interior; crafts; film, TV, video, radio, photography; IT sector, software, computer services; publishing; museums, galleries, libraries; advertising and marketing, and more.
The competition urges for participants who can apply for full or partial production / funding support, but also participants that do not require any funding, and apply for a festival appearance with a specific project / activity.
Additional information and clarifications can be obtained at 02 / 3245-615; 071 237 363 / 075 288 143 and e-mail at,
You can see the call for participation at the following link.