A unique opportunity to become the first E-mentors for the European Voluntary Service

CEFE Macedonia announces а call for all interested to start up or upgrade their European career in mentoring and online teaching of young people.

What do we offer? 
Participation in an Erasmus+ project: “EVS+SVE - Sustainable entrepreneurship Values through E-learning“, which contains multiple linked activities and mobility in order to identify and train 30 future e-mentors who will create an online learning platform recognized and accredited by SALTO Youth Centers across Europe and Erasmus+ National Agencies.
Who will implement it? 
11 partner organisations active in volunteerism in 11 countries in the EU, Balkan, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Caucasus (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, France, Tunisia, Poland, Georgia and Macedonia)
What are the objectives of the project?
- To train the first 30 e-mentors for the volunteers of the European Voluntary Service;
- To explore the needs of the volunteers from EVS regarding trainings;
- To create a platform for e-learning, which will contain trainings that cover the eight basic competences needed for certification and evaluation of EVS volunteers;
- To learn technical details for maintaining and improvement;
- To create methods and tools for accreditation and certification of the online courses.
Desired profile of participants: youth workers, youth leaders, young project managers, supervisors of EVS volunteers, former volunteers, coordinators of youth projects, sociologists, psychologists (no age limit for the participants).
Why is this necessary?
The future is in e-learning and personalised studying, considering the rapid growth of the online network (up to 2020 we will have 7 billion Internet users - connected to you!). In addition to this, networking and education of young people from the European Voluntary Service is important in order to create a better society in general.
What should you do in order to get trained and educated… We created the following mobility opportunities in which you can participate:
- A training course that will be held in Lefkas (9th-20th June 2015) at which 3 participants from each partner organization can participate. We shall divide together sessions of online education which will develop 8 basic “key-competences” so that the volunteers’ training in entrepreneurial matters can be enhanced, in particular in social entrepreneurship.
- A training course that will be held in Romania (10th-20th August 2015) where participants from the previous course will come together with ideas and opinions to create tools for the evaluation of the online sessions and to design and develop instruments and methods for the certification/identification of the competences acquired by the online trainings.
- A training course which will be held in Lefkas (8th-15th October 2015); our objective is to enable participants to develop further skills, become efficient future mentors of online trainings for the benefit of the European volunteers.
Costs: Travel costs for the selected participants will be covered within the limits of 275 euros per participant, and they will be reimbursed after the training course. Costs for board, accommodation and training are fully covered by the organisers.
If you are interested to apply for this project fill the following application form and send it on the following e-mail address volunteer@cefe.mk.
The deadline for sending applications is the 18th of May 2015. For any further questions or information, please establish contact via the aforementioned e-mail address.