The first long-term Action Plan of YES Network is available

The Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Network has prepared and published its first long-term Action Plan, as contribution to the development of the entrepreneurial society in Republic of Macedonia.
The Action Plan gathers the inputs contributed by all relevant stakeholders (representatives of non-governmental organisations, educational and academic institutions, policy makers and representatives of relevant governmental institutions), that took participation at the three stakeholders’ meetings regarding the three pillars of the EU Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020. The two documents are available at the following link:
The Network Action Plan suggests active measures to promote the support provided for young entrepreneurs in Macedonia, in line with the EU Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. One part of the measures will be implemented by the founding organisations of the Network, and the rest will be implemented by establishing partnerships with local civil society organisations (CSOs).
According to the suggested measures by the Action Plan, next in the project activities is the announcement of the open call for grants for CSOs from Macedonia, in the beginning of April 2015.
YES Network is a project funded by the European Union. The project is implement by a partners’ consortium coordinated by the Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation, and includes the Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, the National Center for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning, the Association of Employers Skopje and the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization of the European Union (JEUNE).