YES Foundation – Regional Center Information Desk open for business support in entrepreneurship

Starting from March 2017, under the Programme for supporting entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation of SMEs in 2017, YES Foundation has become a regional center in the country for the implementation of the program activity "Information Desk".

In the period between March and October 2017, the following services will be provided by the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation will all clients in the SME sector and all unemployed young people – potential entrepreneurs, and also people who are already running their own business: information services, supporting the implementation of assistance programmes, information and counseling for SMEs and other activities which represent the basis for researching the needs of the entrepreneurs in order to create measures and instruments for a more rapid SMEs development.

All interested candidates for any necessary information can establish a direct contact via phone at 02 3103 660, or via e-mail, or by visiting YES Foundation’s premises, every working day between 10:00h and 11.00h, at the following address: St. ’16-ta Makedonska Brigada’ no. 13b, naselba Avtokomanda, 1000 Skopje.

Hereby is part of the detailed information services that will be provided to clients by the regional center:

- Information about possible forms and institutions for training of entrepreneurs;
- Information in the field of business support and funding;
- Information about potential technical assistance for solving specific problems in their operational activities;
- Information about investment opportunities in the region, export opportunities, business contacts and other information and           professional advices;
- Information about the possibilities for participation and applying within domestic, foreign and cross-border projects;
- Information on sources of funding;
- Information about trade fairs, trade missions and business forums in the country and abroad;
- Information about the various business potentials of the region;
- Other business information and internet research.