Open opportunities for including young people and mentors in projects run by Youth Can

Within the project “Academy for Youth Activism”, as part of the volunteering programme “Make a change, be a volunteer vol.5”, Youth Can opens a call for 25 young people age 17 to 22 years old, who would like to participate in order to improve their local community and make a change in the society, while taking on new experiences, knowledge and developing various skills.
The objective of the project is to motivate young people to create positive changes in society, as well as to promote youth activism and volunteering as the main tools for personal and professional development.
More information about the open call for participants “Make a change – Be a volunteer” is available here:повик-за-учесници-make-a-change-be-a-volunteer-vol-5/
In addition, there is an open call for engaging mentors in the following programmes of the project:
  • Volunteering programme “Make a change, be a volunteer vol.5” (January – April 2018);
  • Local youth activism programme “Youth Local Initiatives” (March – June 2018);
  • Youth ideas competition „Unleash your idea” (May – July 2018).
The role of the mentors will be to follow the team and its development, during the realisation of a particular initiative. The selected mentors will go through a training on mentoring, during December 2017. Afterwards they will be appointed by random choice to the various teams of young people, that will be formed.
More information about the open call for mentors at the “Academy for Youth Activism” is available here:повик-за-ментори-академија-за-младинс/