Opened opportunities for enhancing the capacities of civil society organizations to enforce the creation of youth policies

The main goal of the project "Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies” is to contribute to the enhancement of the organizational capacities of the civil society sector and to enforce active citizenship within the process of creating youth policies. The achievement of a permanent and effective influence on the creation of youth policies and decision-making processes at local and national level by civil society organizations, will result in the creation of a dynamic and responsible civil society as main actor for positive changes.
The implementation of the project started on 19.12.2017 and will last until 19.02.2019. The total amount of financial support from the European Union amounts to 54,780.00 euros.
Through enhancing the capacities of the civil society organizations in the field of youth policy creation, the focus of the project is on two priority areas that are interconnected: namely, the necessary involvement of civil society organizations in the processes of influence within the creation of “good” public policies and, consequently, the creation of a better economic and social environment for young people, as support of the process of accession and integration in the European Union. The main target groups of the project activities are civil society organizations and young people.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Enhance the capacities of CSOs for creating youth policies;
  2. Introduce new tools and technologies in creating youth policies and train the representatives of civil society organizations on how to efficiently use them;
  3. Increase the cooperation and transfer of knowledge between CSOs and relevant governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in the field of youth policy creation.
The project will include:
  • Three 2-day trainings with a comprehensive training program for capacity building of skills for youth policy creation, as well as for representation and  advocacy of civil society organizations; organized for a total of 45 representatives
  • An online course with easy access to programs, recommendations, good practices, as well as useful links and toolkits for creating youth policies, skills development, mutual communication and exchange of experiences; which will include 30 civil society organizations. The aim is to promote a sustainable platform for influencing  the creation of youth policies.
  • A toolkit of new technologies for developing lobbying and advocacy skills, as also guidelines for  active participation within the creation of  youth policies, to be disseminated to 300 CSOs;
  • Three networking events for 45 representatives of civil society organizations with  6 representatives of relevant state institutions, during which 6 best practices will be promoted and 60 cooperation meetings will be held.
The project is supported by the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network, which has more than 70 active members and stakeholders, including most civil society organizations working on support and development of entrepreneurship and related topics: such as youth policies, non-formal education and training, interethnic cooperation, local development, networking and advocacy.
The project " Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies " is funded by the European Union, and implemented by Youth Entrepreneurial Service(YES) Foundation from Skopje and the Youth Cultural Center from Bitola.
All related information regarding the project activities will be published on the web site of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network and will be open for the participation of its members, as also for all other interested civil society organizations from the territory of the whole country.
Contact person for further information:
02 3108 891,