First partners meeting of the project " Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies"

The partnership consortium composed of representatives of the Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES)Foundation and the Youth Cultural Center from Bitola held the first meeting for planning the activities within the project "Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies”, supported by the European Union.

Last Friday, on 23.01.2018, at the premises of YES Foundation in Skopje, the project team discussed the next steps towards the realization of the upcoming activities and the project objectives. In the months to come the focus will be on the development of a training program for capacity building of  skills for youth policies creation, as well as for advocacy and representation of civil society organisations.
The training program will be prepared by experienced experts and is expected to include the following topics:
  • Development of a strategy for involvement in youth policy creation;
  • Research and analysis;
  • Identifying the needs of communities (at local and national level), with a particular focus on the socio-economic situation of young people;
  • Steps in the political processes and decision-making processes;
  • Financial sustainability and financial literacy;
  • Relevant areas of policy research;
  • Analysis of existing policies;
  • Dissection of advocacy and lobbying initiatives.
The training program will be the basis for the conduction of three 2-day trainings  with a comprehensive training program for capacity building of skills for youth policies creation, as well as for representation and  advocacy of civil society organizations; organized for a total of 45 representatives. The trainings are expected to be held during the spring of this year 2018, and an open call for participants will follow.
All related information regarding project activities will be published on the web site of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network All interested CSOs from the whole country are invited to join the project and take advantage of the opportunities provided:
  • An online course with easy access to programs, recommendations, good practices, as well as useful links and toolkits for creating youth policies, skills development, mutual communication and exchange of experiences; will involve 30 civil society organizations with the aim to promote a sustainable platform for influence in the youth policies creation;
  • A toolkit of new technologies for developing lobbying and advocacy skills, as also guidelines for  active participation within the creation of  youth policies, to be disseminated to 300 CSOs;
  • Three networking events for 45 representatives of civil society organizations with  6 representatives of relevant state institutions, during which 6 best practices will be promoted and 60 cooperation meetings will be held.
The overall review of the main goals and target groups of the project "Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies" can be found on the following link: