Enhanced involvement of CSOs in the process of creating and influencing youth policies

Raising awareness among representatives of the civil society sector about the importance of their involvement in the process of creating and influencing youth policies is extremely important. In this context, it is necessary to continuously promote the opportunities for learning and cooperation, for establishing and strengthening the dialogue with local and national authorities. Creating a better economic and social environment for young people in our country is an inseparable part of the integration processes towards the European Union.

The current project supported by the European Union, through the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network will offer a series of activities and programs for the representatives of civil society organizations dealing with youth policies. The activities will include trainings, networking opportunities, innovative tools (toolkit and online courses) for creating youth policies, as well as cooperation and exchange of knowledge between the civic sector and other government and non-governmental stakeholders that are part of the process of creating of youth policies.

The enhanced involvement of CSOs in creating youth policies and achieving positive impact depends mostly on the development of their capacities and knowledge, as well as of their implementation. CSOs through theirs’ knowledge of the young peoples’ needs, problems and challenges, help local and national authorities in formulating laws, rulebooks and regulations.
The purpose of the current project "Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies" is precisely to enhance their capacities in order to have increased involvement of youth civil society organizations in the decision-making processes at local and national level. The final goal is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic and active civil society.
One of the first activities within the project is the organization of three 2-day trainings for capacity building of CSOs that will be held in the coming months. The participation will be opened to 45 representatives of CSOs throughout the country, and of course for the members of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network, who are encouraged to apply and actively participate in the project activities.
All interested can find a detailed overview of the project program on the following link:
The project "Enhancing CSOs capacities to enforce the creation of youth policies" is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation as coordinator of the project and the Youth Cultural Center from Bitola as a partner.